Cyber Security Experts

We provide cyber security services with a focus on both threat mitigation and eradication of future threats.

An ever-increasing amount of cyber-attacks and data breaches in an evolving cyber landscape can present a challenge for any organization.

We’re here to help ensure you and your business stay protected.

Access Control

We help you implement and utilize 2FA and MFA technologies for a more robust access control.

Physical Security

Always happy to test the physical security of your facility and provide you with a list of improvements.

Data Security

Securing company data through the use of encryption technologies and redundant backups.

Network Auditing

Auditing services that scan your corporate networks and identify potential threats.

Vulnerability Scanning

We identify the vulnerabilities in your organization so you can stay ahead of the threat actors. 

Firewall Management

Helping customers secure their essential servers and data from prying eyes.


Security Services & Consulting

Stork Security leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques to identify and remedy potential threats before they have a chance to wreak havoc.

We assess your existing cyber security and identify vulnerabilities; ensuring your business eliminates the most common attack vectors that an attacker may exploit.


Included Resources

As part of our services, we include the below services, templates, tools and resources for our clients to utilize in the course of cementing their business’ cyber security.

Security That Works

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The best way to prepare for a malicious attacker is to hire someone that can think and operate like one.

Our thorough engagements simulate the steps that attackers would take in the course of performing a malicious attack on your network or on your building.

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