Security for MSPs

StorkSec’s Security Services for MSP’s will help ensure your IT organization is prepared to thwart current attack vectors and mitigate any malicious actions when they occur. Protecting you and your customer base is what we do best!

Security Audits

Utilizing the latest in industry standards, we perform security audits of public and private infrastructure to identify potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

Remedial Tasks

As an add-on, we’re more than happy to perform any required tasks to remedy identified issues.  We stand behind our work and certify it upon completion.


All identified issues are presented in one easy-to-read document with references that will help you thoroughly understand each risk factor.


Security Solutions for MSP’s

We offer a wide array of security and consulting services for MSPs and IT providers. Our partnerships with leading security experts enable us to offer enterprise-grade security tools and a swath of knowledge for a fraction of the cost. 

Industry Standards

We strive to exceed all applicable industry standards as they relate to cybersecurity and help your IT organization exceed them as well. We believe that there is no such thing as being overly prepared when it comes to cybersecurity.


What We Offer

We offer a robust set of services relating to cybersecurity. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate weak points and help IT organizations stay secure in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

Security Audits

Get ahead of the threat actors by utilizing our security audit services which will help identify the weak points of your organization as well as provide you with recommendations on how to best address them. 

Security Consulting

Need guidance or assistance with anything relating to cyber security? We’re happy to help with implementations, upgrades, migrations, mitigations and anything else your organizations needs.  

Security Solutions

Looking to leverage a superior set of security solutions inside of your IT organization? We can guide you on the right path and help ensure all infrastructure is hardened at its’ core.


Our Approach to Security

We go above and beyond the industry standards to provide you with a cybersecurity framework that can guard against low-level and high-level threats alike.

We believe that preparation is key and eliminating low-hanging fruit such as unpatched critical vulnerabilities and improperly secured infrastructure ensures all crucial services and data stay operational and in your hands.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Ransomware attacks are here to stay. We’re proud to offer mitigation solutions that can help filter traffic through third parties with 3.5 Tbits/s DDoS Protection to ensure your services remain online.

Ransomware Assistance

Have you or one of your clients experienced a ransomware attack? We’ll be happy to attempt to mitigate, restore and prevent a re-occurance of a ransomware attack in the future.

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