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Stork Security offers consulting services to ensure your organizational data security is both reliable and effectively implemented. 


Our Data Security

Consulting Services

Ensure your corporate data is secure from external and internal threats with Stork Security. Your business should be prepared to recover from a viable and working back-up at any time while simultaneously preventing access to such data.  


We analyze, and if applicable, implement viable encryption methods to all copies of your corporate data. No physical or virtual breach should ever result in the loss of confidential business information.

Cloud Friendly

Utilizing AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Google Cloud or any other cloud solutions for your data storage? We can still assist and ensure your data is safe from prying eyes with appropriate access controls and encryption implementations.   

Backup Implementations

Not sure if your business is even backing up data to begin with? We’re happy to help your organization implement reliable and segmented backup solutions so a copy of your data is always ready in the event of an attack or hardware failure.

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