Physical Security Assessments

Physical Security Assessments test the security of your building, the security awareness of your employees and identifies the physical weak points for your organization.


Our Physical

Security Assessments

Physical location is just as important as cyber security for your business.

Our physical security assessments identify the weak points in your organization’s physical security.

International Capabilities

Our staff is prepared to travel internationally and is legally allowed to perform work in the European regions when needed. Additionally, we leverage security experts local to your business when travel is not feasible for our staff.

Social Engineering

Incorporation of social engineering tactics helps test the training and security awareness of your employees. Determine whether your employees will stop/challenge unknown individuals.

Photo and Video

We provide a complete report and include photo and video of our physical security assessment. This provides your business with a reference of identified weak points during the course of our engagement.

Accompanied Tours

We’re happy to accompany you on a tour of your facility and point out problem areas and points of intrusion. Our testing will enable your organization to apply various physical security fixes.


We’re happy to assess the physical security of your business at a time most convenient for you. We can perform assessments outside of business hours as well as during business hours when employees are present.

Full-Scale Assessments

Unsupervised bypassing of security and locks, cloning of security badges and identification cards while assessing physical hardware and photographing of problem areas. 

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